Although based on the UNUM, the REI is operating at Class A, with output all the way up to 400watt.

Not The Typical Class A

The Rei employs a WestminsterLab proprietary iBias and CCS systems, what it means in terms of electronically. The Rei will warm up much faster than other typical Class A amplifier, and the iBias technology constantly varies the bias depending on the current and also the loading of the amplifier. And the result sonically, is you get the best of the Class A without the typical draw backs. Is truly unique.


Unique Mechanical Construction

Ultra thick PCB

The PCB is one of the key components within any amplifiers. It is the medium amongst different components, this network of complex copper connection can somehow be the weakest link within the equation if it is to be overlooked. After years of testing and countless prototypes with our supplier, we have nailed a certain type of PCB with ultra thick and ultra pure copper layer. In our own audition, it is pure, fast and transparent, it came very close to point to point soldering,

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